Key Skills Recruitment are a certified Constructsafe testing centre

The ConstructSafe Framework

The national standard for health and safety competency, for the construction industry, controlled by CHASNZ. ConstructSafe provides a framework to test and measure health and safety competence, relevant to all levels of the industry. ConstructSafe enables us to raise the health and safety standards of our industry.

By working together, we’re creating a safer and more competent workforce. Around 100,000 people have proven their competency so far, and with ConstructSafe now moving into residential and commercial sectors, these numbers are set to rise.

The foundation test is the baseline competency qualification, relevant to all people working in the industry.  The foundation qualification is required before attempting the other tiers.

The Foundation Test

​This test is made up of 50 questions, and most people finish within forty-minutes, because it is made up of multi-choice and pictorial questions. The test is generic, construction-wide, and health and safety focused.

Areas covered in the test are:

  • working at heights
  • utilities and services
  • traffic
  • confined and restricted spaces
  • general responsibilities
  • emergencies
  • plant
  • chemicals and hazardous substances

Don’t forget construction signs! Once you pass you will be assigned a ConstructSafe number, with this number you can prove your competency or you can be registered to sit the other tier tests. The foundation test does not expire!

ConstructSafe is better because

  1. It confirms competence.
  2. It measures to a consistent and relevant standard.
  3. It is built by the industry.
  4. Industry working groups ensure it is relevant for all sectors and all trades.
  5. It saves resources.
  6. It is cheaper, faster, and you only train when you need.
  7. It is flexible.
  8. We can test 1 person or the whole team on site, when and where you want.
  9. Individuals like it.
  10. It is practical, interactive and fun, and focused on what you need.
  11. Business owners like it.
  12. It gives instant results, showing strengths and weaknesses, and doesn’t take all day.
  13. It is all online.

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